Fat Burner Stack


Fat Burner Stack


We have created the perfect combination of superior products to burn stubborn fat and lose weight more easily.
The kit includes:

Superior Burn (120 Caps)
Enhance your metabolism with Superior Burn. Strengthen your immune system with high antioxidants, feel energetic and full for more extended periods, preventing cravings for unhealthy snacks in between meals.

Superior Multi (60 Caps)
A complete and highly dosed multivitamin and mineral supplement suitable for everyone, thanks to its Vegan capsules. Packed with 400mg of Rhodiola Rosea added to increase mental and physical energy, focus and overall well-being and 3000iu Vitamin D for healthy bones and muscle.

Superior Creatine (700mg)
The most complete all-in-one performance product on the market, made with Creapure® creatine, the best and purest creatine in the world patented by the German company Alzchem Trostberg. Each batch is individually tested for purity and quality.

+ Free Smart Shaker

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Creatine Flavor

Ginger Lime, Tropical