Rico’s Performance Stack


Rico’s Performance Stack


Unleash your inner beast with “Rico’s Performance Pack”, a set of tailored products to give the energy & endurance3 needed to maximize your workout. The kit includes:

Mr.T 2.0 Pre Workout (350g)
Feel a burst of energy with our all-in-one Ginger pre-workout formula. Made from premium patented ingredients. Mr.T 2.0 is built to take your energy & endurance to the next level. 2 flavors to choose from.

Stamina Intra Workout (1.5Kg)
Ultra complete intra-workout with added electrolytes, adaptogens and amino acids for greatly improved endurance, recovery and improved performance in both strength and endurance sports.

Superior Whey (2.27kg)
With over 5.8 grams of BCAAs and 5.5 grams of Glutamine per serving, Superior Whey is a protein supplement that will help you get results!
The raw material used for Superior Whey protein supplements is characterized by a high degree of purity. The innovative production technology and the extensive knowledge combined with many years of experience allowed the creation of a high-quality protein supplement reaching high protein percentages. 7 Flavors to choose from.

+ Free Smart Shaker

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Additional information

Mr T 2.0 Flavor


Superior Whey Flavor

Lemon Cheesecake

Superior Stamina Flavor

Green Apple, Tropical


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